Friday, April 22, 2011

Enjoying Sacrifice

Good morning and Happy Easter! It is such a blessing to have you be part of our worship services this morning. Today, we celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, rose from the dead. Because of that resurrection, Jesus Christ is risen, alive, and Lord every day.

In preparation for this celebration, we have been fasting as a church family. We’ve given up small comforts like coffee or sweets to remind ourselves of our need for Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross. This morning, we break that fast as a celebration of His resurrection and Lordship.

Because Jesus defeated sin and death in His resurrection, He is Lord of everything – even the small comforts we have been fasting. With Jesus’ Lordship in mind, we hold the things we have been fasting in proper perspective. Coffee is not Lord, Jesus is Lord. Sweets are not Lord, Jesus is Lord. The things we have been fasting (coffee, sweets, et cetera) are blessings the true Lord has given to us to enjoy.

This Easter, as we declare Jesus as Lord, enjoy the things you have been fasting as a part of your celebration. Let the joy you find in a well-prepared cup of coffee or fun dessert remind you of every blessing the Lord has given you. In His resurrection, Jesus has given us freedom and in that freedom we celebrate. Knowing that Jesus is Lord, find joy in all of the things you have devoted to Him.

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