Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mothers of the Faith

Bea Strickland was an important person in my life.  She was an older lady that my family met at church.  Over the years, as I grew, she became a close family friend, taught me about the Bible, scolded me when I was running too quickly in the church, taught me old Pentecostal hymns and on, and on.

Bea was important because she invested in my spiritual life like I was one of her own children.    She didn’t replace the wonderful mom that the Lord had given me.  She simply came along side my parents to encourage my faith in Jesus Christ to the best of her ability.  In many ways, Bea was a mother of the faith.

The Bible refers to a woman named Deborah as a mother of faith.  Judges 5 says Deborah arose as a mother for Israel.  Obviously, Deborah didn’t give birth to every person in the nation of Israel.  But she did nurture and care for the spiritual welfare of Israel as she led them.  Deborah was the spiritual mother of God’s people.

We honor the mothers in our lives this Sunday.  There are wonderful women who have invested in our faith in Jesus Christ.  They may be our biological moms and/or spiritual moms like Bea Strickland.  Either way, they are God sent blessings that are making a difference in the Kingdom of God.

As you worship this morning, thank the Lord for the women who have invested in your faith.  Celebrate their faithful leadership in classrooms and Bible studies and prayer closets.  Let this Mother’s Day celebrate what God has done through the faithful service of the spiritual mothers in our church family.  

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