Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gold Medals and the Worth of Christ

I heard an interesting fact about the top prize of the Olympics.  The gold medal, awarded to the first place winner of each Olympic event, is mostly silver.  Those who achieve Olympic greatness, standing on the top podium, listening to their national anthem, wear a silver medal, covered in a thin plate of gold.

It is funny that the top prize of the world’s most prestigious athletic event doesn’t live up to it’s billing.  The gold medal technically misleads people with a thin veneer.  That is a great illustration of all the world’s trophies.

The greatest prizes in the world are not nearly as satisfying at their core.  They look beautiful on the outside, maybe they give us a euphoric feeling for a moment, but there isn’t anything beyond that.  Their glory is only on the surface.  When pressed for more, we find that they are made of a far less valuable substance. 

To be clear, that doesn’t mean great accomplishments and achievement are bad.  It only means that accomplishments and achievements will not satisfy in a deep, eternal kind of way.  They are not as true and good and pure and glorious as we might think.

The Apostle Paul talked about his greatest accomplishments (and he had many) in saying this: “I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”  The greatest accomplishments, the most glorious events in the world, pale in comparison to the incredible worth of knowing Jesus.  They have a thin, misleading veneer that is worthless next to the real treasure of life in Christ.

As you worship today, give the glory to Jesus.  He is where pure, 100% glory comes from.  As you go through the week, root your accomplishments and achievements in a relationship with Him.  Do great things for His glory.  When we accomplish great things for Him, we enjoy something far more satisfying than the glories of Olympic medals.  We enjoy life in Him.

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