Thursday, August 23, 2012

Because I Said So

When I was growing up, I asked all kinds of questions.  One of my favorite questions was this: “Why?”  Responding to my favorite question, my Dad had a favorite answer: “Because I said so.”

Early on, I accepted my Dad’s answer without question.  When my Dad answered, “Because I said so,” I obeyed.  I did what my Dad told me to do because I thought His will was good in and of itself.  I looked up to my Dad so much I thought the things he wanted were naturally right and good.  

Christians do all kinds of things in order to follow Jesus’ will.  We care about the poor, worship Jesus together, and pray in order to follow Jesus’ instruction.  When we are asked why, a great answer is this: “Because Jesus said so.”

Because the Son of God told us to do His will, we do it.  There is no other reason.  We don’t care for the poor for our own benefit.  We don’t worship for a feeling we get.  We do those things to honor Jesus.  We love Him and revere Him in such a way that His will seems naturally right and good.  We follow Jesus’ will for Jesus’ sake.

As you go through the coming week, follow Jesus’ will because He said so.  Let every aspect of your day be lived for Him.  We will find fulfillment and growth and joy in doing those things, but it isn’t why we do it.  We do His will because He is so good.  

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