Thursday, November 8, 2012

Storm Warnings

A couple weeks ago, super storm Sandy hit the east coast.  Days in advance, officials pleaded with residents whose homes were in the path of the storm to evacuate.  The Governor of Connecticut pleaded, “Get out before you can’t.”  The Governor of New Jersey told residents that they were responsible for themselves if they chose to stay.  Residents along the north Atlantic Coast were warned well in advance.

People stayed.  The day the storm struck, people were seen jogging.  Some walked their dogs.  Others stopped by their favorite local bistro for a coffee and bagel.  They were living life as usual.

As a result, those folks witnessed the storm first hand.  Sandy destroyed homes and took lives.  One couple was killed by a falling tree, while walking their dog in the park (during the storm).

While I'm not saying Sandy was an act of God's judgement, God does give us storm warnings in our spiritual lives too.  God gracefully warns us time and time again that sin leads us into danger.  He said it at the Garden of Eden.  He sent His Son to look us in the eye and tell us.  He sent His Holy Spirit to empower His church to proclaim the same message: “Sin will lead you straight into the eye of a deadly storm!”

Like super storm Sandy, we go on living our lives as if the warning never existed.  We act as if we are immune from the heartbreak sin inevitably brings.  When sin leads to the pain and frustration we were warned about, we are genuinely surprised.

As you go through the coming week, heed God’s warning.  “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.”  Turn from the things that will harm you and find life abundantly in Christ.  Though His warnings are age old, His ways will save us from the storms that threaten today.   

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