Thursday, December 5, 2013

Family Traditions @ Christmas

We all have Christmas traditions.  We decorate trees, sing Christmas songs, and give gifts.  Some watch their favorite Christmas movie.  Others plan special days to go out shopping and get gifts for loved ones.  These traditions are a lot of fun.

This week, I read about a family that has an inspiring Christmas tradition.  A family of five named the Robynsons gets up early on Christmas morning to brew coffee and make pancakes.  When breakfast is ready, they pack it up and head to the downtown area of their city.  They load the breakfast into a red wagon.  Then, the youngest Robynson pulls the wagon through downtown as other family members look for homeless folks.  They share breakfast with those in need as a way of celebrating Jesus’ birth on Christmas.
All Christians recognize that God met our needs by sending His Son at Christmas.  What better way to do that than through a family tradition of serving others in need?  The Robynsons are a great example of how Christians can celebrate God’s coming into the world.

As you go through this Christmas season, see how your family traditions might reflect how God sent His Son to meet our needs.  It might be serving those in need as a family.  It might be giving generously as a family.  It might involve sharing faith with a neighbor who doesn’t understand the reason for the season.  As you do, you will discover why God gave the world a gift in Jesus.  You will also participate a great Christian tradition of following Jesus’ example.  

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