Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Chicago White Sox, Mind Control and the Will of God

The 1975 Chicago White Sox were bad. Vegas odds makers gave them 60-1 odds to win the American League pennant. Wanting to win, players looked to anything and everything for a competitive advantage. Some even tried studying and practicing mind control techniques in hopes of improving their play (true story). Players would lie in a dark room, turn on a read light and try to “lower their brain waves.” They held baseballs and gloves and bats to their head, trying to become “one” with the gear. The White Sox finished the year eleven games under .500 and in fifth place in their division. Whatever type of control their mind took over the game, it didn’t work.

The ‘75 White Sox and their pursuit of control illustrates how we can approach our devotional lives. We pray and study scripture and seek the Spirit as a way of gaining control. We want the Spirit to give us what we want in life. We want to use the spiritual life for our ends. But, according to the scriptures, God calls us to something different.

In the Lord’s prayer, Jesus instructs His disciples to pray in saying, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” While devotional practices do bless God’s people with tons of spiritual resources for living, they are ultimately intended to give God control. A person finds power in surrendering to God’s will and God’s purposes in the world.

This week, intentionally seek the Lord in your devotional life. Do so in the hopes of becoming a part of God’s will and work in the world. As you do, you will find God given power for living God’s will out. You will also find sustenance for the wins and losses that do come with the great game of life.

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