Thursday, October 4, 2012

Root Beer and Good News

A popular blogger recently wrote about his search for an ice-cold root beer.  He was driving down the road one day and felt a little thirsty.  He saw an A & W on the side of the road and thought he would stop to get a cold one.  He got out of his car, walked in, and ordered the beverage.  The cashier responded, “We’re out of root beer.”

The blogger thought it was odd that the restaurant had run out of its signature product.  But, feeling charitable, he didn’t cause a fuss.  Stranger things have happened.  Root beer shipments run late.  Orders get lost.  He assumed he had visited A&W at a bad time.

Days later, the blogger stopped by the restaurant again.  He still craved a frosted mug of classic A & W.  He approached the cashier and ordered the illusive drink.  The cashier gave him the same answer: “We’re out of root beer.”  This time he asked, “How does A&W run out of root beer?”  I think that is a fair question.

We may be quick to scoff, but we wrestle with a similar challenge in our devotional lives.  Jesus gives His people good news.  It is the product the His people are known for.  But, we also have a hard time articulating it on our own.  If someone were to ask us about Jesus and His impact on our lives, we don’t know what we would say.

As a result, people walk right up to us and place an order for good news.  We tell them, “We’re out.”  After a couple times, they wonder, “How does the church run out of good news?”

If Jesus Christ has made a difference in your life, tell someone.  You don’t have to get on TV or stand on a soapbox.  Simply tell a friend, co-worker, or family member what Jesus has done.  If Jesus has made a difference in your life, show someone this week.  Be peaceful, patient, kind, joyous, and self-controlled when the world least expects it.  In a world where fast food restaurants and soda fountains fail, Jesus gives us good news that doesn’t run out.

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